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Turnaround artists: Know when to quit

Carlos Ghosn may have turned around Nissan, but he should have gotten out when he could, writes one reader in a letter to the editor.

Stalled by U.S., Chinese automakers go everywhere else

Leading the effort are Geely Automobile Holdings and Great Wall Motor Co.

Mann leaving Mitsubishi with Ghosn's plan unfinished

Trevor Mann's departure as COO of Mitsubishi underscores the amount of unfinished business remaining to be done at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi now that its architect Carlos Ghosn is out of the picture.

Porsche sketches a future built of brick and mortar

The brand envisions its dealerships as places to not only transact business, but also soak up Porsche culture.

UAW, automakers could lead opioid fight

The UAW's resolution calling on the auto industry to take a coordinated approach to fighting the opioid crisis deserves a full response. The industry is uniquely poised to be a leader in this fight.