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Numbers on gender we needed to hear

A top female executive at Ford came to Toyota's HQ with a message for the industry: "Women are underrepresented."

Number to watch: $849 million

Japanese electric motor supplier Nidec Corp. will spend $849 million this year to acquire the automotive electronics company Omron.

Public dealership groups: Small in number, huge in clout

Public ownership of big dealership groups helped transform an industry made up mostly of self-funded small businesses into one flush with cash from big banks and private-equity firms.

VW's goal: AVs usable by those with disabilities

Fully autonomous vehicles for the masses may be decades away, but Volkswagen Group has launched an effort to ensure that people with disabilities can benefit.

Encore for Benz's new U.S. boss?

Nicholas Speeks turned around Mercedes' fortune in China. Can he do the same in the United States?