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Nissan-Renault rivalry bursts into the open after Carlos Ghosn's arrest

Tensions between Nissan and Renault over the future of their alliance have exploded into the open following the downfall of Chairman Carlos Ghosn, and his top lieutenant.

Renault-Nissan alliance board could be divided over Ghosn's fate

Carlos Ghosn's surprise arrest on allegations of financial misconduct has left Renault-Nissan car alliance board members in a bind over his future, with board members in Japan divided over whether to dismiss him as chairman and the French side...


I don't have any insider knowledge of the financial misconduct allegations against Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn unveiled on Monday. Nonetheless, I think some points are worth remembering as the story unfolds.

Carlos Ghosn could be detained for 10 days, Tokyo court decides

Japanese authorities in Tokyo will detain Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn for 10 days as they also consider bringing a case against Nissan, a report said.

Hyundai-Kia face another U.S. recall safety probe

U.S. prosecutors are investigating if Hyundai and affiliate Kia vehicle recalls over engine defects were conducted properly, Reuters reported.